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Why hire a whiskey consultant?

Whiskey is one of the world's most popular and beloved alcoholic beverages. It is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, and its rich history and cultural significance make it a fascinating subject of study. However, for many people, the world of whiskey can be a confusing and intimidating place.

photo of a whiskey bar showing the variety and complexity of whiskey

One of the main reasons whiskey can be confusing is its sheer variety. There are numerous types of whiskey, each with its own distinct characteristics and flavors. From bourbon and rye to Scotch and Irish whiskey, the different styles of whiskey can be overwhelming for those new to the drink. Moreover, there are various subcategories of whiskey within each style, such as single malt, blended, and cask strength, which can further add to the confusion.

Furthermore, whiskey terminology can be confusing and technical. Words like "mash bill," "peaty," and "nosing" may be unfamiliar to those who are not familiar with the jargon of whiskey connoisseurs. This language can make it challenging for beginners to understand the nuances of different types of whiskey and how they are produced.

photo of whiskey barrels aging in a warehouse

It is also useful to understand the basic elements of whiskey production, such as the ingredients used in the mash and the aging process. This knowledge can help to decode some of the jargon used by whiskey experts and make it easier to appreciate the nuances of different types of whiskey.

Time can also be a hindrance to whiskey learning. Bartenders are the frontline ambassadors of whiskey, and they play a crucial role in introducing customers to new and exciting whiskey offerings. However, they may not always have the time or resources to fully explore and understand the complexities of whiskey.

By learning about all the types of whiskey, servers and bartenders can upsell to their diners by recommending different brands or types of whiskey and adding to their experience.

Jerad did a whiskey class for our servers and bartenders and it was very informative. The staff learned a lot from Jerad and they are now able to share the information with our guests with confidence and enthusiasm.

Jerad also did a Whiskey Tasting for us at The Lexington and it was a hit! We sold double the tickets expected. Guests gave rave reviews and are asking when the next tasting will be held. We look forward to having Jerad host another event soon!

Claudia M, Assistant General Manager
The Lexington


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